Ignite Your Culinary Creativity: The Art of Cooking with the Rapid Heating Hob

Using the power of magnetics, induction hobs quickly heat induction-friendly pans. Easy to clean and efficient, they’re great for your kitchen.

Electric ceramic models are streamlined and super easy to keep clean. They also have touch controls that can be locked to prevent children changing settings or switching the hob on. Residual heat indicators and time limit safety systems are also available.

High Precision Hob

The higher the cutting speed during gear hobbing, the more thermal and mechcanical stress is placed on the cutter. This is where traditional HSS-Tools reach their performance limits. The new SpeedCore hob cutter from LMT Fette combines a high hot hardness with an enhanced grinding process to deliver significantly improved tool life.

A touch control is a useful way to keep an eye on cooking time and prevent young children from altering settings or switching the hob off. It’s often found on induction and ceramic hobs but may be found on gas models too.

Look for a hob with dishwasher-proof pan supports. These make cleaning a breeze, and can even be soaked in the sink. Some hobs also feature a re-circulation or outside venting option for more flexible ventilation.

Some induction hobs offer Bridge Induction zones, which allow you to combine two cooking zones into one larger space. This makes it easier to accommodate a variety of different pan sizes.

Sleek Glass Surface Hob

Gas-on-glass hobs are a sleek, modern and stylish addition to any kitchen. They offer fast and powerful cooking with heat that’s distributed evenly to your pans. They also come with extra wide cooking zones that can accommodate larger pots and pans – perfect for stir fry and fish cooking. They are available in a range of colours and finishes too so you can choose the perfect match for your kitchen.

Unlike traditional electric ceramic hobs where the glass gets hot and spilt food burns on it, gas-on-glass hobs use induction technology so that only the cooking zone and the bottom of your pan get heated. This helps prevent any accidental burns and makes them safer for children. The induction system uses a spiral copper coil to transfer energy only when a magnetic compatible pan is placed over the cooking zone.

The key to keeping your gas-on-glass bep dien tu munchen hob looking its best is regular cleaning. Use a clean, smooth cloth to wipe away any spills as soon as possible. Sugary spills in particular can cause pitting over time so be sure to wipe as often as you can! Gently lifting and placing pans rather than sliding or shaking them will help prevent scratches on the surface too. You should also avoid using metal utensils on your hob (they can scratch the glass surface). And finally, make sure to keep it well-reachable from children, who might be tempted to touch the hot surface.

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